• Maximising composite performance ZeroVoid® Technology


  • Eliminating assembly, increasing reliability Hybrid Composites


  • AS9100 parts with guaranteed ± 5 Micron Tolerances


  • Engineering Parts, Assembly, and Systems at AS9100 Quality
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NASHERO excels in the made-to-spec category of aerospace part development, specializing in meeting complex specifications. Our expertise extends to co-cured metal embedded in composites and hybrid parts, offering net-shaped components that eliminate the need for time-consuming assembly and secondary bonding, guaranteeing enhanced strength and reliability. We employ our ZeroVoid® technology to craft out-of-autoclave parts, with a mirror-quality surface finish. This ensures an extended high fatigue life, with the elimination of stress concentrations, resulting in aerospace solutions that consistently surpass expectations. Leading the field with DMG MORI’s high-speed, large 5-axis machines, and top of the line Swiss made tools, NASHERO achieves concurrent production of multiple part sets with no compromise on precision.
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NASHERO’s expertise extends beyond specialized parts, encompassing complete assembly and comprehensive aircraft design, engineering, and manufacturing certified by Lloyd’s AS9100. This integrated approach ensures efficient project management, reduced complexities, and a single-point solution including surface treatments delivered by IR4I partners, guaranteeing a streamlined process for clients seeking top-tier aerospace solutions.
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Empowered by turnkey prowess and bolstered by our secure FMS system, NASHERO provides a seamless journey from concept to creation. Real-time access to the production process 24/7 enhances transparency and efficiency, ensuring your project is in expert hands every step of the way.



NASHERO Joins IR4I Cluster at Paris Airshow 2023: Showcasing Aerospace Expertise

NASHERO Joins IR4I Cluster at Paris Airshow 2023: Showcasing Aerospace Expertise

News NASHERO Joins IR4I Cluster at Paris Airshow 2023: Showcasing Aerospace Expertise 29 July 2023 admin Paris, France – June 25, 2023 | NASHERO CEO Dr. Naresh Sharma and Dr. Albertino Arteiro, University of Porto, Portugal. Precision Manufacturing Learn More Hybrid Composites Learn More

Engineering precision aircraft

Performance intensive aircraft designed for the safest and most comfortable flying experience.





Cutting edge innovation for composite parts

Machining the challenging needs of military, aerospace, medical and high-tech industries with precision made-to-spec composite parts with AS9100 quality, delivered on time.
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ZeroVoid® Technology

Filling the Gaps
Elevating Performance

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Hybrid Composites

Uniting Strength,
Defying Limits




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Augusta, LSA

Delivering superior safety & performance for the discerning pilot

  • Max Range
  • 2660 nm (45 min reserve)
  • Cruise Speed
  • 120 KTS
  • Max Takeoff Weight
  • 1323 lbs (600 kg)
Built with 75 patent pending technologies