We began with a dream to create a safe and efficient aircraft, drawing on our extensive aerospace industry experience. Our expertise led to the development of three remarkable aircraft, now in advanced production stages with all production processes kept in-house to ensure quality.

Today, we have gone beyond this original scope and offer cutting-edge composites and machining services for a variety of industries. At NASHERO, our commitment to simplicity and innovation drives us to develop no-nonsense machines that offer elegant solutions to complex problems.

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With a strong focus on delivering excellence, we take pride in providing some of the best-in-class composite parts with micron level tolerances. Our cutting-edge technologies, such as ZeroVoid® technology, enable us to achieve a high fatigue life, eliminate stress concentrations, ensure superior surface quality and structural performance.

Our capabilities extend across diverse industries, and we are dedicated to solving problems for clients in the military, aerospace, medical, automobile, and high-tech sectors. Embracing precision and creativity, NASHERO stands ready to be your trusted partner in delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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NASHERO s.r.l.’s goal is to be recognized for quality as a premier Aerospace and Defense supplier.
This will be achieved through:

The framework for setting quality objectives is defined in the Quality Manual.

CEO is responsible for communicating the Quality Policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization and making it available to the public.



September 1, 2022

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This document is to be considered as integral part of the purchase order issued by NASHERO S.R.L.; it lists and describes all general conditions which have to be met by supplier during the process of supplying and / or duration of the contract.
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Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance has approved NASHERO according to the requirements of the AS9100 aerospace standard for the following scope:
  • Research and development, Design, Prototyping, Production, and Sales of light aircraft.
  • Design and production of composite parts and manufacturing of metal alloy parts according to customer specifications for space, aeronautics, defense and industrial sectors.


NASHERO is progressing towards obtaining EASA DOA and POA certifications, signifying our capability to design, produce, and release aeronautical products with airworthiness approval. This achievement reflects our commitment to becoming a trusted and fully certified aerospace manufacturer, ensuring compliance with rigorous aviation standards.


We have NCAGE codes for engaging in any work for USA or NATO countries. Our codes can be used to query our status as an OEM and provider of services to aerospace and defence companies. Our certification can be found here.



NASHERO has producer votes in the ASTM F44, F39 and F37 committees, which cover aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of 5,700 kg with 19 passengers. We are active participants in the technical committees where regulations are debated and set.


NASHERO was invited to, and subsequently was inducted as a full member of, the most prestigious and prominent cluster of aerospace companies from the North of Italy, http://www.ir4i.it As part of the iR4i cluster, we attended the Paris le Bourget airshow as exhibitors for the first time in 2019.


At NASHERO, we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our dynamic team. We seek individuals who share our passion for aerospace innovation and possess a drive to push boundaries.

We value creativity, problem-solving skills, and a strong commitment to quality. Whether you are an aerospace engineer, composite technician, CNC machinist, or a visionary with a knack for cutting-edge technologies, NASHERO provides a conducive environment for you to hone your skills.

Join us in shaping the future of aerospace and embark on a rewarding career filled with opportunities for growth.

Get in touch or review our current openings on LinkedIn.